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American Sociological Association & Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction

I was fortunate to present original research at both SSSI and ASA this year. At SSSI, collaborators and I presented our first programmatic paper on Pragmatic Interactionism. At ASA, I presented my work on the veil of standards as it works out in football helmet safety standards.

In a bit of an unusual move, I met with some (more) junior scholars to share research strategies and my thoughts on organizing workflow for multiple research projects. This was rewarding for me and I hope everyone I spoke with got something out of the exchange. I know I did.

I was also able to go to Ruha Benjamin’s book launch at NYU, which was excellent. I picked up her new book Race after Technology as well at Tony Hatch’s new book Silent Cells about the drugging of captive America. Both are excellent reads and suitable for your classes, too.