I'm just going to list the books I'm currently reading, and then move them down to the bottom as I finish, with an annotation on which month I completed the book. I may review some of these in journals, or here on the blog

Currently Reading:

Caring Democracy: Markets, Equality, and Justice by Joan C. Tronto

Race after Technology by Ruha Benjamin

Meaning and Modernity: Social Theory in the Pragmatic Attitude by Eugene Halton

Just finished:

George Herbert Mead's Concept of Society: A Critical Reconstruction by Jean-François Côté

Reconstructing Sociology by Douglas Porpora

Moral, Believing Animals by Christian Smith

Body, Self, and Society: A View From Fiji by Anne Becker

A Passion for Society: How We Think About Human Suffering by Iain Wilkinson and Arthur Kleinman

To Flourish or Destruct by Christian Smith (1/2016)

Imperial Technoscience by Amit Prasad (2/2016)

Clinical Ethics, 8th Edition by Jonsen, Siegler, and Winslade (2/2016)

Misbehaving Science by Aaron Panofsky (3/2016)

Situational Analysis in Practice, edited by Clarke, Friese, and Washburn (3/2016)