My research centers on the social processes that make up people. That is, how are persons formed as caregivers, empathetic professionals, brain implant recipients, and subjects of genomic medicine, among other biomedical and sociocultural processes? My published work to date deals with questions like these.

Books and Edited Volumes

Special Issue of Sociological Perspectives. 2018. “On Ethnography.” Co-edited with Black Hawk Hancock.

Articles in Refereed Journals

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Book Chapters

Blanco, Luisa, Lila Carlsen, Daniel R. Morrison, George Carlsen, Ashley Chaparro, and Erick Molina. Forthcoming. “Precarious Paradise: The Financial Well-Being of Hispanic Immigrant Day Laborers in Malibu.” in Latinos in the 21st Century: Their Voices and Lived Experiences. Nova Science.

Morrison, Daniel R. and Monica J. Casper. 2017. "Gender, Violence, and Brain Injury In and Out of the NFL: What Counts As Harm?" in Football, Culture, and Power edited by David J. Leonard, Kimberly B. George, and Wade Davis. Routledge. Find a copy here

Peer Reviewed Teaching Publications

"Social Stratification Syllabus" 2014. TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. 

Book Reviews

Review of Ruha Benjamin's People's Science in American Journal of Sociology.

Review of Amit Prasad's Imperial Technoscience in Contemporary Sociology.

Review of Adele Clarke, Carrie Friese, and Rachel Washburn's edited volume, Situational Analysis in Practice, in Symbolic Interaction.