New bioethics articles

The American Journal of Bioethics family of journals has an interesting and unusual practice. They post "target articles" for the community to read, and then accept "Open Peer Commentary" them. Then, the whole kit and caboodle is published together. It's a nice way to start a dialogue. It's also a nice way to increase journal impact factor, since each commentary necessarily cites the target article.

In any case, I have two such peer reviewed papers. One is forthcoming, the other is soon to be out in print but you can find it online. 

The forthcoming one is with my colleague and all around super genius Patrick Grzanka, well known for his scholarship in intersectionality and on his work in LGBTQ issues in counseling psychology. In this piece, we tackled the issue of racism in medicine and biomedical research:

Grzanka, Patrick R. and Daniel R. Morrison. Forthcoming. “Post-Racial Fantasies and the Reproduction of Scientific Racism.” American Journal of Bioethics.

In this piece, I filled in an important gap in a target article with my own original research on patient experiences of deep brain stimulation:

Morrison, Daniel R. 2017. “The Missing Empirical Studies of DBS Recipients’ Views of Self.” American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 8(2):126-128.